Commonwealth Countries View King Charles’ Coronation With Mixed Feelings


May 7, 2023


Following yesterday’s coronation, 14 of the 56 Commonwealth nations now have King Charles III as their head of state. Although some are celebrating the occasion, for others, it is a jarring reminder of colonialism and repression.

A new stamp honouring King Charles III is unveiled at a ceremony in Ottowa, Canada, in May 2023. © FRANCE 24


By France 24 News


Dozens of people gathered at a ceremony in Ottowa unveiling a new stamp in honour of the king to celebrate King Charles III being crowned monarch of the United Kingdom and 14 Commonwealth realms on Saturday.

On the other side of the world, monarchists also gathered in Sydney, Australia, to watch the live stream of the coronation. But not all Australians were as enthusiastic about the day’s celebrations. Pub patrons interviewed by FRANCE 24 said they believed the younger generation cared little for the royal family.

For other Commonwealth nations, such as Jamaica, Saturday’s coronation served as a painful reminder of years of violent colonial oppression.