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Is corruption as bad as Al Shabab?

Corruption in Somalia is a significant problem that has plagued the country for decades. The lack of a strong, centralized government and the ongoing conflict and instability have made it easy for corruption to thrive. Somalia is ranked as one of the most corrupt countries in the world according to Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index. The country has consistently ranked ...

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The Responsibility of Somali Professionals in the Diaspora

A year and a half ago Ayanle Hussein from ‘Hanoolaato’ interviewed me about mental health issues in the Somali community. At the end of the interview, I said that every Somali person in need of guidance on psychological/psychiatric issues was welcome to contact me. Since that day I have been contacted by many people, mostly on WhatsApp. It is very ...

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Somali clans battling al Qaeda-linked terrorists represent the future of the fight

A Somali government-led alliance with clans may be a winning strategy against the al Qaeda-linked terrorist group al-Shabab. The shadowy fight against terrorists in Somalia intensified under three U.S. presidential administrations from Obama and Trump to the Biden administration. This should come as no surprise because continuity is axiomatic for U.S. counterterrorism policy work. And still, Somalia’s al-Shabab problem endures ...

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