U.S. official for Africa, AUC head discuss ways to resume power transfer talks in Sudan


June 05, 2019


KHARTOUM – The top U.S. official for African affairs, Tibor Nagy Tuesday said he discussed with the head of African Union commission Moussa Faki about the need to bring the Sudanese parties to resume talks on power transfer.

The opposition Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) suspended the talks on the power transfer after the attack on the site of protest and the killing of 35 people at lease. They also declared a general strike in the country saying they want to topple the military council.

In turn, the Transitional Military Council (TMC), scraped the agreement they reached with the FFC and said they would form a caretaker government before to hold general elections in nine months.

“I spoke with the African Union Commission Chairman Moussa Faki today about the need for the TMC and FFC to resume dialogue in Sudan,” Nagy said in a Tweet he posted on Tuesday.

He further voiced his support for AU’s role to end the ongoing crisis in Sudan and to prevent further instability in the east African nation which may lead to a regional turmoil.

The American diplomat further said he spoke with AU top official about “coordinating next steps in pressing for a resolution that meets the African Union Peace and Security Council’s April 30 communiqué”.

Observers say that the TMC’s decisions are difficult to implement because that means exposing itself to regional and international pressures and even sanctions as the U.S administration and the European Union press the AU to take a tough stance on 30 June if the junta maintains its decision.

The African Union’s Peace and Security Council may recommend targeted sanctions to the UN Security Council against the Sudanese military junta.

On Monday, Faki strongly condemned the bloody attack on the sit-in area by the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) militiamen.

“The Chairperson wishes to recall the African Union Peace and Security Council (AU PSC) Communiqué of 30 April 2019 on Sudan, which demanded all Sudanese stakeholders to return to the negotiations urgently in order to arrive at an inclusive accord, which paves the way for a civilian-led Transitional Authority,” he further stressed.

In addition, he called on all international partners to reinforce common efforts towards the immediate cessation of the violence and rapid resumption of negotiations for a political settlement.

Source: Sudan Tribune |Published: June 04, 2019

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