Sudan’s opposition groups say ready for mass civil disobedience


January 14, 2019


KHARTOUM – Sudan’s opposition professional and political groups announced their readiness to launch a mass civil disobedience, a crucial stage in the ongoing nationwide unrest, after successful protests on Sunday.

On Sunday, the opposition groups held a number of protests in Khartoum North, three big cities of Darfur, El-Fasher Nyala and Geneina, and various Sudanese cities including Wad Medani, Port Sudan and Atbara.

The significant participation in the recent demonstrations and the growing socialization of the idea of regime change in the country push now the opposition to believe that the popular mobilization process has reached its peak and it is time to move to the stage of mass civil disobedience to cause complete paralysis of the administrative machinery.

In a joint statement released on Sunday evening after the end of the protests, the opposition parties and professionals said the peaceful demonstrations steadily faced the regime’s repressive arsenal.

“This regime has lost the ability to political and economic management, and failed to turn peaceful processions, marches and demonstrations to a battle of violence, despite the use of live ammunition and arrests, because of the belief of revolutionaries that the peaceful revolution is the secret of its success and continuation,” said the statement.

The opposition groups went further to say that the next step is a “decisive” one as “the path to a general strike has become paved”.

“The realization of complete paralysis of the movement of the regime will be our line in the coming days,” they stressed.

The opposition groups say they are deliberating on a draft political charter to prepare for the after al-Bashir regime. Also, the Sudan Call deputy chairman and head of the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) called on the opposition forces to an emphasis on the plight of the marginalized areas.

The Sudan Liberation Movement-Minni Minnawi (SLM-MM) and JEM declined to resume peace talks with the Sudanese government in Doha as scheduled this month fearing to disappoint their allies participating in the over three-week unrest.

The joint statement said the evening protests will take place on Tuesday 15 January in Al-Thora and Kallakla towns in Khartoum State, adding further demonstrations will be announced later.

Also, it indicated that the protest of 17 January will head to the presidential palace in conjunction with similar processions in several cities in the country.

The peaceful protests began on 19 December 2018 over the increase in bread princes and a shortage of basic commodities. But, now Sudanese call on President al-Bashir to go saying his regime has caused the economic collapse and isolated Sudan internationally. – Sudan Tribune (ST)

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