Sudan’s Military, Opposition Coalition Sign Political Declaration


July 17, 2019


Gen. Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo, right, and Sudan’s pro-democracy movement leader Ahmad al-Rabiah shake hands after signing a power sharing document in Khartoum, Sudan, Wednesday, July 17, 2019.


By VOA News


Representatives from Sudan’s ruling military council and a pro-democracy coalition signed a political declaration Wednesday as part of a power-sharing agreement they agreed to earlier this month.

Another part of the deal, a constitutional declaration, is expected to be signed as early as Friday.

The developments are a step forward in a political transition in Sudan that has involved months of unrest since the military ousted longtime leader Omar al-Bashir.

The power-sharing agreement includes a joint sovereign council tasked with ruling the country for about three years before new elections are held.

The two sides also agreed to an independent investigation of a military crackdown on protesters in June, which demonstration organizers say left 128 people dead while the health ministry put the total at 61.

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