SLFA joins the Revolutionary Front ahead of talks for peace in Sudan


September 14, 2019


By Sudan Tribune


KHARTOUM – The Sudan Liberation Forces Alliance (SLFA) headed by Altaher Hajer officially joined the rebel umbrella Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF) ahead of peace talks with the transitional government in Khartoum said a statement released on Friday.

“The SRF informs the Sudanese people that the SLFA has joined the Revolutionary Front per the provisions of the Constitution and the regulations of the Front,” said a statement signed by the SRF leader Hadi Idriss on.

Idriss added that this move demonstrates the SRF keenness for the unity of the armed opposition groups in support of the peaceful Sudanese revolution and democratic transition in the country.

The SLFA was formed by three armed groups on 7 July 2017. The alliance includes the Sudan Liberation Movement for Justice, Sudan Liberation Movement-Unity and the Justice and Equality Movement of Abdallah Bishr Gali.

The three groups elected Altaher Abubakr Hajer as chairman of the SLFA, Abdallah Yahia as a deputy-chairman while Mahgoub al-Aghbash was elected as head of the legislative council and Ahmed Mohamed Suleiman as the deputy-speaker.

During the recent talks with the Sudanese transitional government that led to the signing of the Juba Declaration on peace in Sudan, the SLFA negotiated and signed the declaration with the SRF groups.

Asked by Sudan Tribune if he would join the large umbrella of armed groups, Altaher said they are considering the matter saying they have been encouraged by the South Sudanese government for the sake of peace in Sudan.

“We are moving in this direction and we have not rejected the issue of unity. We are on the road to join the SRF and the coming days we can be part of the alliance,” he said.

Last April, the SLFA joined the Sudanese Historical Bloc (SHB) together with the Hilu (SPLM-N Hilu) and a faction of eastern Sudan Beja Conference led by Zeinab Kabbashi (BC-Kabbashi).

Asked why he did not negotiate the Juba Declaration besides the SLM-N led by Abdel Aziz al-Hilu, Altaher Hajer said the SHB is just a political declaration that has no established structures.

SRF leader Hadi Idriss, in his statement, said their door is open for all the opposition groups to join them “in support of peace, stability and good governance”.

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