Six terrorists killed in Saudi pre-emptive operation


January 10, 2019


Authorities seize large cache of weapons, ammunition in Qateef

Caption: Seized items – SPA



By Habib Toumi, Gulf News Bureau Chief, Bahrain


Manama – Saudi Arabia security authorities have killed six terrorists, arrested a seventh and seized weapons and ammunition in a pre-emptive operation in Al Qateef in the western part of the country.

The operation was conducted on Monday dawn after confirmation of details that a group of terrorists was planning a terror attack targeting the country and its social peace, a spokesperson for the Presidency of the State Security said.

The terrorists were hiding in a house in Al Jish that they used to prepare their attacks, he added on Wednesday afternoon.

The security forces laid siege to the house and asked the terrorists inside to surrender. However, they rejected the call and started firing at the security officers who responded in kind to eliminate risks and protect the livers of nearby residents and people in the vicinity, the spokesperson said.

The six terrorists shot dead were all wanted in terror-related cases. They were named as Abdul Mohsin Taher Mohammad Al Aswad, Ammar Nasser Ali Al Abu Abdullah, Ali Hassan Ali Al Abu Abdullah, Abdul Mohsin Abdul Aziz Al Abu Abdullah, Mohammad Hussain Makki Al Shabeeb and Yahya Zakaria Mahdi Al Ammar.

The terrorist who was arrested was named as Adel Jaafar Tuhaifah. He was transferred to a hospital and his condition was said to be stable.

The spokesperson added that five security officers were slightly injured and were treated and that no civilians were hurt in the operation.

The officers seized seven machine guns, three bombs, a Glock pistol, 593 machine guns bullets, 30 pistol rounds, 21 weapons stores and 22 mobile phones.

The Presidency of the State Security said that it will continue to monitor criminal elements who have made themselves tools to implement the agendas of foreign parties that do not wish the wellbeing of Saudi Arabia and its people and seek to undermine its security and stability, the spokesperson said.

Published: January 09, 2019

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