Shimeles Abdissa led delegation to Djibouti,will discuss “political relation”


December 13, 2019


Shemelies Abdissa ( in white shirt) and the delegation he led to Djibouti. Credit: FBC


Oromo regional state president, Shimeles Abidssa, led a delegation to Djibouti, State-affiliated Fana Broadcasting Corporate (FBC) reported on Wednesday.

Ethiopian Ambassador in Djibouti, Ambassador Abdulaziz Mohamed, received them upon arrival at Djibouti Airport.

According to FBC report, Shimeles Abdissa will hold talks with Djibouti authorities on ways of fostering “political, economic and social relations with Djibouti.”

It is unclear how a regional state under the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia could lead an official visit to a neighboring and discuss political relations.

Shimeless made a controversial comment when Irrechaa was celebrated in Addis Ababa in September of this year, and is seen as one of the radicalizing Oromo Democratic Party ( Abiy Ahmed’s party) leaders.

Source: Via Borkena News

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