Scottish court rejects interim block on UK Parliament suspension


August 30, 2019


Scottish National Party MP Joanna Cherry arrives outside the Court of Session, where parliamentarians are seeking an interim interdict through the Scottish legal system that would prevent the UK Parliament being suspended, on Aug 29, 2019. PHOTO: DPA


LONDON (Reuters) – A Scottish court on Friday (Aug 30) rejected a request to place an interim block on Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s order to suspend Parliament but said it would hear full arguments next week, a lawmaker who brought the case said.

Joanna Cherry, a British lawmaker who brought the action, said the decision was not on the merits of the case and that the court showed a willingness to hear full arguments next week.

“Court refuses interim orders at this stage but indicates willingness to hear full arguments early next week,” Cherry said.

“So there is no decision on merits as yet on our attempt to halt prorogation. That will happen next week.”

Meanwhile, the British government said it was pleased that the Scottish court had decided not to grant an interim injunction against Johnson’s decision to suspend parliament next month.

“We are glad the court found against the interdict – there was no good reason to seek one, given the full hearing is due to take place next week, and the process of bringing the session to an end will not start until the week commencing 9 September,” a government spokeswoman said in a statement.

“As we have set out, the government needs to bring forward a strong domestic legislative agenda, and Members of Parliament are not prevented from scrutinising our withdrawal from the EU.”

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