Saudis launch boycott Turkey drive on social media

December 19, 2018


Photos of products made in Turkey shared on social media.


Saudi Gazette report


Jeddah – Angered by the Turkish campaign against the Kingdom, many Saudis have taken to social media to punish Ankara financially.

They have launched social media hashtags #Saudis_rejecting_the_Turkish_Products and #No_to_Turkey_Travel_and_products aimed at boycotting all Turkish products and all Turkish tourist destinations.

Turkish retail sales dropped the most since records began in 2006, reflecting a deepening economic slump in the emerging market country.

Sales dived 7.5 percent in October from the same month a year earlier, the Turkish Statistical Institute said on Tuesday. The reading followed a revised 2.9 percent contraction in September.

A Saudi consumer tweeted that while Turkey was preoccupied with the Kingdom’s internal affairs, Saudis were busy building their future.

Many users published through the hashtag an image showing a list of several Turkish products sold in the Saudi market, asking others not to purchase them.

Another one tweeted: “Since our country is being fiercely attacked by Erdogan’s official media and Erdogan’s provocative statements; our national duty urges us to boycott any Turkish product as a response to these repeated offenses.”

“What if more than 20 million Saudis boycotted the Turkish products and tourism?” one user wondered, saying that it would be “a slap on the face for Erdogan and anyone who think to offend the Kingdom, its leadership or people, we would stand together”.

Published: December 18, 2018

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