Russia’s 5th-gen Su-57 stealth fighter will have AI combat mode – report


RT News | Published: August 24, 2018


A Su-57 fighter jet during a military parade in Moscow. May, 2018 © Grigoriy Sisoev / Sputnik


Russia’s newest supersonic stealth fighter jet, the Su-57, will have a “fully automatic” mode during combat, according to reports. The multi-purpose fifth-generation warplane is scheduled to officially join the military next year.
The jet’s control and target acquisition systems will have a “fully automatic combat regime,” a source within the aviation industry told RIA Novosti news agency on Friday. The source also noted that the mode will allow the jet to “come closer” to prospective sixth-generation UAVs.

The Su-57 fighter plane is designed to strike aerial, ground and naval targets. It is also capable of neutralizing the enemy air-defense systems, and may be used for long-distance reconnaissance flights.

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The first contract for 12 Su-57s was signed by the military in late June, and the first jet is set to join the Air Force next year, the Defense Ministry officials said on Wednesday.

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