Premier Holds Discussion With Residents Of Dessie


June 16, 2019


Addis Ababa – Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed held discussion with residents of Dessie city in Amhara regional state.

Present at the discussion were also Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen and Chief Administrator of the regional state, Dr Ambachew Mekonnen.

During the discussion, the residents raised questions regarding unemployment, rule of law, displacement, infrastructure requirement, problems of child trafficking and cause of Wollo tertiary hospital project delay.

Responding to the queries, the Prime Minister stressed the need to strengthen unity to deal with the stated problems. The government has put aside budget to build a referral hospital in Dessie next fiscal year.

More than 1.8 million people have so far returned to their areas of origin and all displaced community members will return to their villages soon, the Prime Minister said while responding to question regarding displacement.

As far as question for infrastructure is concerned, he said, out of the 387 billion birr total federal budget for the upcoming fiscal year, 140.7 billion has been allocated for the development of infrastructural facilities for regional states.

Winding up the discussion, the Prime Minister called on the people of Wollo to seize their distinct culture of unison as an opportunity to resolve difference among various community members.

Source: FBC | Published: June 15, 2019

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