Mum, 28, and four-year-old son discovered dead by neighbour


April 28, 2019


The mother and son were discovered by a neighbour (Picture: PA)




Detectives investigating the deaths of a woman and young boy in a quiet residential street say they do not believe anyone else was involved.

The pair – who have not been identified – were discovered by a member of the public inside the two-storey property on Park Avenue in Newmarket, Suffolk, on Friday afternoon.

Neighbours said a young woman and her son, who was ‘always smiling’, lived at the home but ‘kept themselves to themselves’.

A police spokesperson said: ‘Formal identification procedures have not yet taken place, but it is understood that the woman was 28 years old and the child was four years old.

‘Post-mortem examinations are not due to take place until early next week, so until that time the deaths will remain unexplained.

‘However, based on the initial findings, detectives do not currently believe that there is any third-party involvement.’

A police cordon remained outside the property on Saturday, while a Volkswagen Golf hatchback parked on the pavement in front of the home was also behind police tape.

One neighbour, who lived opposite, said: ‘I came home last night about 8pm and there were feds (police) everywhere.

‘They were here all night, I think, and forensics were going in and out.’

He said he knew the woman by sight but had only spoken to her once.

He added: ‘She, like everyone I suppose, kept herself to herself.

‘The boy seemed happy enough though. He was always smiling every time I saw him.’

An elderly resident said there were only a handful of home owners on the street, and that the majority were rental properties.

She said: ‘I’ve been here for 60 years and it’s quite a quiet street.

‘Very sad though, isn’t it? Tragic.

‘There are so many new people moving in and out of here. I daresay I knew her by sight, but I didn’t know her.’

Published: April 27, 2019

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