Mediation suspends Sudan peace talks over defence minister’s death


March 25, 2020


JUBA, South Sudan – Sudan’s peace talks in Juba have been suspended for one week on Wednesday following the death of defence minister Jamal Omer.

The postponement of the talks until the first of the next month jeopardizes the signing of a comprehensive peace agreement before the 9th of April between the government and the Sudanese Revolutionary Front (SRF).

Reached by Sudan Tribune on Wednesday, SRF leader Hadi Idris confirmed that the South Sudanese mediation informed them of its decision to postpone talks on the security arrangements.

“Yes, the talks have been postponed for a week to allow the burial of the late minister,” he wrote in a message to Sudan Tribune.

South Sudan’s defence minister Angelina Teny, the Sudanese government and SRF leadership negotiating delegations accompanied the coffin of the late minister to Juba airport which will transport him to Khartoum where he will be buried.

The minister was engaged in talks with the SPLM-N Agar on the security arrangements in the Two Areas which they had to conclude on Wednesday.

Concerning the security arrangements in Darfur, the armed groups submitted their paper on 19 March and the government replied on 23 March.

However, there was no meeting between the two sides because the armed groups in Darfur contested the mediation’s decision to reduce the number of the delegations taking part in the meeting as part of the government measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

The South Sudanese government directed to cancel all the meetings and gathering in the country, but Sudanese peace talks were exempted from this measure.

– Sudan Tribune

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