Libya’s Interior Ministry suspends licensing demonstrations


March 24, 2019


By The Libya Observer


The Interior Minister of the Presidential Council Fathi Bashagha has formed a temporary security emergency room in Tripoli, headed by the Tripoli Security Directorate Chief, with members from all security and judicial apparatuses.

The ministry said in a statement on Facebook Saturday that the room will tackle urgent matters and respond quickly and efficiently in coordination with concerned authorities to thwart sabotage.

“This is a step toward taking from security measures needed to protect people and vital institutions whether public or private.” The ministry added.

Also on Saturday, the ministry instructed security departments to temporarily suspend licensing demonstrations or sit-ins.

It said the suspension is tied to the current security unrest and the possible threats, however; it didn’t say when this suspension will end.

In a statement on Friday, the Interior Ministry said after they had been informed about the packages, the teams were formed to take action and they did resolve the issue.

It called on media and foreign embassies – implying US embassy – not to rely on informal sources for issuing statements regarding the security status in the capital and elsewhere, assuring Libyans and foreigners residing in Tripoli that it has things under control.

The United States embassy in Libya, operating in Tunisia, has warned its nationals in Tripoli of possible eminent attack in the capital.

The warning was made via email to its nationals on Friday, reading “Warning of an eminent attack on a vital national institution in Tripoli on Saturday.”

Published Date: March 23, 2019

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