Jubaland accuses UN of ‘misrepresentation’, says no turning back on presidential poll


August 19, 2019


Jubbaland Independent Boundaries and Electoral Commission (JIBEC) | Photo: JIBEC Website


Kismayo – Jubbaland electoral body JIBEC has lashed out at the UN for what it termed as misrepresentation of the current electoral process noting it will now go ahead having met all the requirements and addressed concerns raised by the international community.

JIBEC chairman Dr. Hamza Barre took the issue with UNSOM head James Swan in a letter Sunday noting the polls body was ‘dismayed and disappointed by assumptions’ from the UN office.

“We believe people of Jubbaland deserve an apology from international community on representation of their views,” Dr. Barre said in what has now become a back and forth correspondence between JIBEC and UNSOM.
Responding to Swan’s letter Saturday which termed electoral reforms as having ‘regrettably fallen short’ of agreed threshold, Barre said JIBEC had factored in all recommendations and measures including reopening of the presidential registration for three days starting Saturday.

“Commission has taken all possible steps needed to build confidence and trust in the electoral process and further steps were taken to improve the process including international community (sic) last recommendations,” said Barre affirming ‘the current electoral process is at its final stage’. He added JIBEC had also acted in line with the state and federal laws.

The push and pull between JIBEC and UNSOM is just one side of the controversy that has dogged the Jubbaland electoral process since July. The Federal Government has declared the election of the new parliament ‘null and void’ even as a parallel parliament boasts of a new speaker and deputies.

Besides the political argument is the legal question. The declaration of nullity by the Federal Government begs questions as to the legality of the declaration. The absence of the Constitutional Court as contemplated in article 109B of the Provisional which would otherwise rule on legality or nullity of a state election leaves room for might between Mogadishu and Kismayu.

The new timeline for registration of new presidential candidates lapses today to pave way for the election of the new president. According to the state rules, the new MPs-73 will each cast a secret ballot for a new president.

Source: Hiran Online

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