Hamdok nominated Sudan’s Prime Minister as his cabinet candidates unveiled


August 16, 2019


By Sudan Tribune


KHARTOUM – The Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) Thursday have endorsed their candidates for the presidency of the judiciary and the Attorney General and also agreed to choose Abdallah Hamdok as prime minister.

The FFC has held a series of meeting to nominate the candidates for Sovereign Council, the transitional government and some independent corps that are supposed to play key roles during the transitional period such as the chief justice and attorney general.

Almost, all the nominees are independent figures picked a for their expertise and skills but also for their support for democratic rule in Sudan.

The alliance selected Abdel Gader Mohamed as head of the judiciary of Sudan and Mohamed al-Hafiz for the post of Attorney General along with three assistants are Siham Osman Ahmed, Musab Abdallah and Tareq Youssef Dafallah.

Reliable sources close to the file told Sudan Tribune that the FFC negotiators will hand over the list of judicial figures to the head of the Transitional Military Council (TMC) Abdel Fattah al-Burhan Thursday as they should be officially appointed, as the members of the Sovereign Council will take oath before the new head of the judiciary on 19 August.

The Sudanese Professionals Association (SPA) said on Thursday that the FFC committees had agreed on the appointment of Abdallah Hamdok as Prime Minister for the three-year and three-month transitional period.

The announcement comes as the FFC nomination committee finalized the nomination of most of the nominees for the ministerial portfolios, except for ministry of livestock, which was postponed for further consultations.

For the other ministries, three names have been put forward in some portfolios to allow the premier to pick one of them but for some others, there is only a single candidate.

According to lists of nominees seen by Sudan Tribune, the candidates for the Foreign Ministry are Omer Gamar Eldin Ismail, Nour al-Din Satti, Omer Bashir.

Ismail is the only outsider as he is a Senior Advisor at the Washington-based Enough Project. Satti and Bashir are former diplomats at the foreign ministry.

Also, Ibrahim al-Badawi is the only candidate to nominated for the Ministry of Finance and Economy.

The committee named Mohamed al-Amin Altom for the Ministry of Mining, Fadl Abu Shouk for the Oil Ministry, Lina Sheikh for the Ministry of Social Development and Labour, and the well-known sports star Haitham Mustafa as Minister of Youth and Sports.

It also named the well-known sports star Haitham Mustafa as Minister of Youth and Sports, and Professor Mohamed El-Amin Altom for the Ministry of Mining, along with Fadl Abu Shouk for the Ministry of Oil, and Lina Sheikh for Social Development and Labor.

For the Ministry of Health are nominated Nahed Mohamed al-Hassan, Akram Ali Altom, Satti al-Khair, while Omer Mohamed Badi is the only candidate for the Ministry of Irrigation and Electricity.

For their part, Jalal Mustafa, Muawia Mohamed Babikir and Tareq Khair were nominated for the Ministry of Agriculture.

Further, Yasir Abdel Gader and Billa al-Bakri are nominated for the Ministry of Infrastructure and Communications, as Ibtisam Sanhouri and Saifallah Hamdallah are nominated for the Ministry of Justice.

Regarding the Ministry of Commerce and Industry are nominated Bakri Ahmed Ali and Salah Bashir, while for the Ministry of Irrigation the only candidate is Majzoub Ahmed Taha.

Hassan Abdel-Atty, the head of FFC nominations committee said that the list of nominees for the Sovereign Council will be announced on Friday morning.


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