Ethiopia foils coup attempt in Amarah state as chief of staff general shot


June 23, 2019


ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian army chief of staff has been shot during a failed coup attempt in the regional Amhara State one of nine regions of the Horn of Africa nation.

The shot of Gen. Seare Mekonnen was confirmed by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed who appeared at the national TV dressed in military fatigues on the early hours of Sunday. Unconfirmed reports claim the general was killed.

During his speech, Abiy said some people were killed while others were injured before to call on the army to defend the nation.

He pointed that officials were in a meeting when a coup attempt occurred on Saturday.

According to the AFP, the shooting had begun shortly after sunset and continued for several hours before calming.

In a statement after the attack, the office of the prime minister condemned the coup attempt and vowed to hold the putschists accountable.

“The coup attempt in Amhara regional state is against the constitution and is intended to scupper the hard-won peace of the region,” said Abiy’ office.

“This illegal attempt should be condemned by all Ethiopians and the federal government has full capacity to overpower this armed group,” further underlined the statement.

The attempted coup is seen as the first serious challenge to Abiy who worked hard, since coming to power in April 2018, to implement democratic reforms and to reduce the influence of the military and security apparatuses in the country.

Source: Sudan Tribune

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