Ethiopia commemorates 83rd anniversary of Yekatit 12 massacre


February 21, 2020


Ethiopian Patriots during Yekatit 12 commemoration in Siddist Killo area. Photo: EBC


By Borkena News


The 83rd-anniversary of Yekatit 12 (literally means February 20) is commemorated on Thursday in the capital Addis Ababa near Yekatit 12 memorial Statue in the Sidist Kilo area.

It is the commemoration of the massacre of more than 30,000 Ethiopian in three days. Fascist authorities ordered the mass killings following the assassination attempt of General Graziani in Siddist Killo.

Two Young men ( Abraham Deboch and Moges Asgedom) threw a hand grenade while Graziani was making a speech in what is now the Sidist Kilo area. Graziani was wounded but survived the attack. In the ensuing days, he ordered the massacre of Addis Ababa residents.

“83 years ago today, invading Fascist Italy’s war leader Greaziani ruthlessly killed over 30,000 Ethiopians,” Lij Daniel Jote, who is President of the Ethiopian Patriot Association, said during the memorial service.

“We have closed the case about that persecution,” he added, “with forgiveness. This generation needs to learn from it.”

As many as one million Ethiopians were killed during the five years invasion of Ethiopia by Fascist Italy between 1935 and 1941.

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