Eritrean Delegation in Ethiopia, met with PM Abiy Ahmed


June 20, 2019


Eritrean delegation seem to be optimistic about the future of the relation between Eritrea and Ethiopia


A year after their first arrival to open a new chapter and close an era of conflict and no-peace-no-war relation, high-level Eritrean delegation under the leadership of Foreign Minister Osman Saleh has arrived in Ethiopia on Wednesday in the afternoon.

Head of political affairs and advisor to President Isaias Afeworki, Yemane Gebreab, is also in the team.

The purpose of their trip, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, is to deliver a message of condolence from President Isaias Afwerki to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who lost his father on Monday.

The delegates also held discussion with Abiy Ahmed, and “reflected on the milestones achieved over the past year in ceasing of hostilities and discussed upon the next steps to be taken in further strengthening the relationship,” as reported by the MFAE.

Eritrean officials have planted trees in the premises of the office of the Prime Minister as part of the celebration of one year of peaceful relation after twenty years of bloody war and period of no-peace-no-war relation.

Meanwhile, Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed sent message to the Eritrean government and people on the occasion of Eritrean Martyr Day.

Source: Borkena News | Published: June 19, 2019

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