Eritrea reportedly closed another border crossing with Ethiopia


April 23, 2019


It means that Eritrea has now closed all its border with Ethiopia. What precipitated the action on the part of Eritrea is generating speculations.

Google Map of Assab


By Borkena News


Eritrea reportedly closed the Bure-Assab road starting Monday morning, according to a report by DW Amharic. This was the only border that was not closed.

The road was opened ceremoniously with the presence of Eritrean president Isayas Afeworki and Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed after the two countries ended two decades old hostility in 2018.

The border closure came four days after the Omhajer-Humera border, which is in the north Western part of Ethiopia and South West of Eritrea, is closed.

The road closure is only on the Eritrean side.

Why Eritrea has to close the border is unclear but the DW Amharic reported that there are speculations that the action has something to do with move to regulate commerce between the two countries.

What is clear is, based on DW Amharic Report which is published on Monday April 22,2018 is that higher authority in Asmara has ordered the closure.

Published Date: April 22, 2019

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