Embassy Working to Ensure Rights, Dignity of Ethiopian in Djibouti

August 01, 2018


Addis Ababa (ENA) – The Ethiopian Embassy in Djibouti said it has been working to secure the rights and dignity of Ethiopian citizens living in the country.

Office of the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs disclosed that the Embassy has conferred with the government of Djibouti to handle the challenges in securing the rights of citizens and ensuring peace and security of the peoples of the countries.

Ethiopian Ambassador to Djibouti, Shamebo Fitamo and Djibouti National Police Chief Colonel Abdulahi Abdi and senior government officials held the discussion.

During the occasion, Ambassador Shamebo said the Embassy has been working jointly with the country’s national police and representatives of Ethiopians in Djibouti to safeguard their rights.

Ethiopians who crossed to Djibouti without travel documents have been suffering terribly, he stated.

The embassy is working to create awareness to solve the problems occurring in a sustained manner, it was pointed out.

The Ethiopian ambassador also urged representatives to mobilize citizens in Djibouti to actively take part in the Diaspora Trust Fund.

Djibouti National Police Chief, Colonel Abdulahi Abdi said on his part Ethiopian citizens in different organizations, along with the government of Djibouti and the Ethiopian Embassy, are working to solve the problems.

They are also working to address problems related to resident permit, he stated.

Published: July 31, 2018

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