DRC officials postpone presidential election results

January 06, 2019


Delay in announcement is expected to increase tensions after government cut internet access

Congolese officials tally the presidential ballots at a local results compilation centre in Kinshasa, Congo. Photograph: Jérôme Delay/AP


Associated Press in Kinshasa


The Democratic Republic of Congo’s top electoral official has said the announcement of the results of the presidential election has been postponed.

Corneille Nangaa said the results of the election on 30 December will not be made public as expected. He said the official electoral commission will confirm the delay later on Sunday.

The postponement in announcing the results is expected to increase tensions in the DRC.

The Catholic church, an influential voice in the majority-Catholic nation, said that data reported by its 40,000 election observers in polling stations show a clear winner. The church urged the electoral commission to announce accurate results.

The government has already cut internet access across the vast central African country to prevent any speculation on social media about who might have won the election.

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