Coronavirus: 2-month-old baby believed to be Italy’s youngest patient recovers, say local media


April 09, 2020


Italy has officially attributed 17,669 deaths to Covid-19. Photo: Reuters




ROME – A two-month-old baby who was believed to have been Italy’s youngest Covid-19 patient has been released from hospital after overcoming the disease, media reports said on Thursday (April 9).

The baby was no longer running a temperature or fever and was released with her mother, who has recovered from a bout of pneumonia, the reports said.

The two were hospitalised in the southern city of Bari on March 18.

Italy has officially attributed 17,669 deaths to Covid-19, more than any other country.

The government is now weighing how and when to ease social distancing measures that have helped see daily death tolls slowly come down from a high of 969 last month.

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