Blasts at Russian “Kristall” explosives plant followed by fire


June 01, 2019


At least 19 people were injured and two more were missing at the Dzerzhinsk plant about 400 kilometers east of Moscow after explosions were followed by a fire. The cause of the blasts was not clear.

Five people were working inside the plant on Saturday when the explosions occurred, emergency crews reported.

“There was a technical explosion in one of the workshops, followed by a fire of around 100 square meters,” a spokesman of the local emergency ministry reported.

A representative of the local health ministry put the casualty toll at 19: “All of those who were injured — around 19 people — are receiving medical assistance,” she told Interfax. “We are talking about shrapnel wounds of mild and moderate severity.”

Two people were reported missing, in addition to the wounded.

The fire at a plant about 400 kilometers (250 miles) east of Moscow was still burning in the early afternoon and firefighters did not rule out further explosions.

jsi/jm (Reuters, AFP)

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