African Union requests to extend UNAMID mandate until end of 2020


June 02, 2020



FILE – 10 February 2015. Tawilla: A peacekeeper patrols in Tawila, North Darfur. Since January this year, thousands of newly displaced persons fled their homes around Tawila on account of armed attacks on their villages. Photo by Hamid Abdulsalam, UNAMID.


By Sudan Tribune


KHARTOUM – The African Union Peace and Security Council (PSC) requested the UN Security Council to extend UNAMID mandate until 31 December but at the same time called to separate between Darfur operation and transition in Sudan.

On Friday 29 May, the Security Council decided to delay its decision on the troops’ drawdown until 3 June to allow more consultations about the UNAMID withdrawal and the political support mission requested by the Sudanese government.

Some western countries voiced concern about the protection of civilians in Darfur after the recrudesce of attacks and intercommunal fighting since the end of last year. So, they proposed to include formed police units to a new political support mission requested by the Sudanese government.

The PSC “Appeals to the United Nations Security Council to consider the situation in Sudan separately from the mandate of UNAMID and to also ensure that any future mission to be deployed in Sudan should be under Chapter VI mandate of the UN Charter”, said the PSC in a statement adopted in a meeting held on 21 May.

It further called to respect Sudan’s sovereignty and the priorities set by Sudanese prime minister of Sudan, in his letter to the UN Secretary-General of 27 February 2020 which rejects any deployment of armed troops in the country.

The Council further asked to extend the UNAMID mandate until the end of the year because the evacuation operations have been delayed by the coronavirus lockdown and the closure of airports and seaports.

“Resolves that the UNAMID mandate, as contained in UNSC Resolution 2495 (2019), should be extended up to 31 December 2020, in light of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on UNAMID’s troop movement,” said the peace and security council.

It is worth mentioning that the UNAMID should leave Darfur by the end of October 2020.

With regard to the peace talks in Juba, the Council encouraged the Sudanese parties to demonstrate a genuine commitment to the search for lasting peace.

In the same vein, it called on the AU Commission to intensify its support to the peace process in Juba and ensure that adequate political support is provided.

The Council for the first time lauded the role played by the Sudanese women in the Sudanese revolution and called on the government to ensure ” women’s rights and equal participation in the decision making processes in the transitional bodies”.

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