Ethiopian, Eritrean Diaspora Boldly Protest against US Misguided Policy in Horn of Africa


November 21, 2021




ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopians and Eritreans in the Diaspora have rallied in Ottawa, Canada on Saturday against the Western intervention and the media’s deliberate information warfare in Ethiopia.

The rally was part of the international #NoMore campaign against the U.S and some Western countries’ intervention in Ethiopia in particular and in the horn of Africa in general.

During the rally, the demonstrators strongly condemned the Western countries’ undue pressure on Ethiopia and urged the international media to stop spreading disinformation about the conflict in Ethiopia.

It was also disclosed that a letter will be sent to the Canadian Parliament and the US Embassy in Ottawa urging Western nations to end their pressure on Ethiopia.

Ethio-Canadians and Eritreans voiced boldly against US misguided policy and media disinformation on Ethiopia in particular and in the Horn of African region in general, it was indicated.

Members of the Ethiopian Diaspora and Eritreans living in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Kingston and other cities have participated in the rally.

Ethiopians and foreign nationals of Ethiopian origin as well as friends of Ethiopia residing in various parts of the globe will also hold public rallies in more than 20 cities on Sunday to denounce unwarranted attempts to meddle in Ethiopia’s internal affairs and the media’s systematic information warfare.

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