Djibouti authorities arrest Farmaajo’s security advisor Fahad Yasin as tensions boil over in Mogadishu


September 17, 2021


By Hiran Online


DJIBOUTI – Somalia’s former intelligence boss who was recently picked by President Mohamed Farmaajo as his National Security Advisor was arrested Friday in Djibouti.

Villa Somalia confirmed the incident terming ‘illegal’ and ‘will not help to strengthen our ties between our governments.’

Sources said Fahad was arrested on board a Turkish Airlines flight heading to Mogadishu.
The circumstances surrounding the arrest are unclear but come in the wake of a brewing row between President Farmaajo and Prime Minister Mohamed Roble.

Farmaajo announced Thursday he was suspending the powers of the prime regarding appointments and dismissals but Roble fired back accusing the outgoing president of gross violations of the constitution.

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