Mastermind of deadly blast in Lahore linked to Indian spy agency, claims Pakistan


July 05, 2021


  • Explosion in Lahore’s Johar Town on June 23 killed three people and injured 24 others
  • Attack took place next to the house of anti-India terrorist Hafiz Saeed, who was blamed for the 2008 Mumbai attacks

In this June 23, 2021 file photo, a rescue worker examines the site of explosion in Lahore, Pakistan. (AP)


By Aamir Saeed | Arab News


ISLAMABAD – Pakistan’s National Security Adviser Dr. Moeed Yusuf said on Sunday that the mastermind of last month’s deadly bomb attack in Lahore was an Indian intelligence operative.

Three people were killed and 24 injured when an explosive-laden car blew up in Lahore’s Johar Town area on June 23.

During a press conference in Islamabad, Yusuf told reporters there were no doubts regarding the suspect’s links to India’s Research and Analysis Wing (RAW).

“We have identified the main mastermind and the handlers of this terrorist attack, and we have absolutely no doubt or reservation in informing you that the main mastermind belongs to RAW, the Indian intelligence agency, is an Indian national and based in India,” he said.

While he did not name the alleged mastermind, Yusuf said the main executor of the attack had been identified as Eid Gul, an Afghan living in Pakistan as a refugee. He added that the government had the identities, whereabouts and bank account details of all suspects.

Yusuf vowed to share all evidence with the international community as he called on it to “stop turning a blind eye” to India’s activity if it is really serious about peace and stability in the region.

India and Pakistan regularly accuse each other of so-called “false flag” operations and clandestine attacks on each other’s territory.

The Lahore attack took place next to the house of anti-India wanted terrorist Hafiz Saeed, who was blamed for the four-day 2008 Mumbai attacks that killed 166 people.

Last year, Pakistan sentenced Saeed to 15 years in prison in a terror financing case, but he was never charged in connection with terror attacks in Mumbai.

He has been serving his term at home under a government order. He was unharmed by the Johar Town explosion.

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