Sudan pledges to support stability in Chad


April 28, 2021


By Sudan Tribune


KHARTOUM – Sudan pledged to support the efforts of Chad’s military council to preserve security and stability and called for a national dialogue to achieve a peaceful transition in the neighbouring country.

Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, deputy head of the Transitional Sovereign Council travelled on Tuesday to Ndjamena for talks with the head of the military council Mahamat Idriss Deby who took power a week ago after the death of his father in a battle against a rebel group.

Hemetti was accompanied by two members of the collegial Sovereignty Council, Malik Agar and Hadi Idris.

A video about the visit by the Sudan News Agency showed the head of the Sudanese delegation speaking in a meeting with the chief of the military council in Chad and some militaries.

Hemetti promised to support the military council in Chad to achieve national reconciliation and stability in his country.

Also, he said Sudan will not host or support any opposition group that works to destabilize the new government.

“Anyone hostile to the Chadian government is an enemy of Sudan whose people want to establish a democratic rule that achieves stability in their country,” he said.

“We believe that democracy is the best for us and we see the stability it bought in Niger,” he stressed.

The visiting Sudanese official pointed to the strong relations between the people of the two countries saying that any development in one of the two countries affects the other.

He further called for the continuation of the work of the joint security committees and to strengthen the capabilities of the joint border forces.

On 22 April, French Special Envoy to Sudan Jean Michel Dumont met with Hemetti to discuss the situation in Chad.

“We agree to use all the contacts we have in Chad to convince everyone to make the necessary efforts to achieve peaceful and swift transition in Chad” Dumont said after the meeting.

France calls to support the interim military council in Chad which pledges to hold general elections in 18 months. Paris also calls to name a civilian government to lead the transition.

The visit of the Sudanese delegation coincided with protests across the country calling for a return to civilian rule.

Two people at least were killed and 27 wounded as the security forces opened fire to disperse protesters.



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