Political Parties Commend Preparedness of NEBE to Conduct Free, Fair Election


March 22, 2021




ADDIS ABABA – Political parties have commended the preparedness of the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) to hold free, fair, and credible election.

Up until now the Board has carried out registration of candidates, launched election campaign and trained supervisors for the election.

Some political parties have shared their reflections to ENA regarding the preparedness and capacity of the Board in its aspirations to conduct free and democratic election.

Candidates Recruitment and Support Committee Chairperson of Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice(Ezema), Eyob Mesafint said his party looks forward to the 6th General Election as the first election to be free and democratic.

“The time is very though, the situation is difficult, and the Board is tasked with a number of responsibilities. However, our party believes that NEBE is doing very well. This Board meets the basic requirements to hold election. It is free, democratic and independent,” he said.

According to him, the problem solving mechanism that the Board uses to solve complaints from the parties during candidates registration has to be appreciated.

Amhara National Movement (ANM) Public Relations Head, Tahir Mohammed said NEBE has been doing well in building itself with technology, human resource, creating communication channels for parties to discuss common agendas.

Moreover, the board has showed its independence, neutrality and democratic practices and ANM believes that the Board will continue with this in the future.

However, Tahir said, “we think NEBE needs to work on strengthening the capacity of election supervisors at all polling stations as we have observed that supervisors in regions lack integration with headquarter.”

Prosperity Party Election Sector Head, Zadig Abraha said his party appreciates the way the Board is solving complaints of parties.

Zadig noted that NEBE has been solving complaints from parties by involving all stakeholders.

“The board discusses a number of issues with political parties on a weekly basis, and this is very interesting as it helps to solve problems in time. As an institute which is endeavoring to be independent, it is clear that the Board is working to hold free and fair election,” the head stated.

The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia has recently announced that it was able to solve over 500 complaints out of the total 670 complaints of the political parties.

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