Kuwait: Two MPs file a motion to interrogate PM a week after new government formation


March 09, 2021


Sabah Al Khaled’s government resigned after motion to interrogate him was filed

View of Kuwait’s National Assembly (Parliament) | PHOTO: AP


By Yasmena Al Mulla | Gulf News


KUWAIT CITY – Less than a week after Kuwait’s 38th Cabinet of Ministers was formed, two MPs, Bader Al Dahoum and Mohammed Al Mutair, filed a motion to interrogate the Prime Minister, Sabah Al Khaled Al Sabah, for “selective implementation of the law” the motion stated.

The announcement came after 15 MPs, including Al Dahoum and Al Mutair, were referred by the government to the public prosecutor for violating health measures and holding a large gathering of approximately 300 people.

Over a dozen MPs have voiced their support for the motion to interrogate the Prime Minister.

Although a new government is formed, the motion will be discussed only after March 18 as the parliament is currently on pause after the Emir, Sheikh Nawaf Al Ahmed Al Sabah, issued a decree on February 18 to suspend parliament for one month.

The speaker of parliament, Marzouq Al Ghanim, said that he has received the motion and will add it to the agenda but the date for the session is yet to be scheduled.

Reasons to interrogate

During a press conference, he stated that they were shocked when they heard they were referred to the public prosecutor pointing out that the government did not uphold its word and is selectively applying the law against only a few, while turning a blind eye to others. Al Dahoum explained they held the gathering after discussing it with the Minister of Interior, Thamer Al Sabah.

Both MPs also pointed out that the government did not take any action against those who disturbed the opening session of the parliament, which took place back in December.

Not the first time

This is not the first motion was filed against the Prime Minister, signalling rising tensions between the legislative and executive branch.

On January 5, Al Dahoum and two other MPs put forth a motion to interrogate the Prime Minister.

They filed the motion under a couple of clauses, one of which that the Prime Minister failed to adhere to article 98 of the Kuwaiti Constitution which states, “upon formation, every Ministry shall submit its programme to the National Assembly and the Assembly may express whatever comments it deems appropriate thereon.”

A day later, 38 MPs agreed to the interrogation, setting an unprecedented move as it was the first in time in Kuwaiti history that the majority of the MPs favour a motion before the session even occurs.

Resignation of government

The previous government handed in its resignation, less than a month after it was formed, back on January 12. According to KUNA, the government handed in its resignation, “in light of developments in the relationship between the National Assembly and the government, and what the national interest may warrant.

After the government resigned, several MPs stated that if the government was to re-appoint Sabah Al Khaled as Prime Minister, they would file a motion to interrogate him again. In addition, many MPs said if certain ministers were reappointed they would also file a motion to interrogate the Prime Minister.

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