Ethiopia Foils Terrorist Attack Plot On UAE Embassy In Addis Ababa


February 03, 2021


By FBC English News


Addis Ababa – Ethiopian security forces have foiled planned terrorist attack on UAE Embassy in Addis Ababa, said the National Intelligence and Security Service (NISS).

According to a statement the Security Service sent to FBC, 15 suspects were detained while they were planning to carry out the attack on the embassy after taking mission from overseas terrorist groups.

The attack mainly targets inflicting huge loss of lives and damages to properties as well as damaging the good image of Addis Ababa, which is the seat of African and international diplomatic missions, it said.

The suspects were arrested in a joint operation carried out by the Security Services, Federal Police Commission and other security organs, it indicated.

According to the statement, several firearms, explosives and various documents were also seized during the operation.

The statement further said NISS, in collaboration with his Sudanese counterpart, managed to dismantle networks of terrorist groups and foiled planned attack on UAE embassy in the Sudanese capital Khartoum.

Ahmed Ismael, who is the leader of the terrorist group and a resident of Sweden, was arrested in Sweden as a result of exchange of information with European, African, and Asian security services, the statement indicated. A 35-year-old member of the group, Ali Ahmed Ardaito, was also arrested, it added.

The statement added that utmost efforts are underway to arrest the remaining 21 suspect who are living in various countries.

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