“Islamic State Centre” extremist groups arrested in Bale


February 01, 2021


The group that calls itself Islamic State Centre” , which operated in Bale Zone of Oromo regional state of Ethiopia, is linked to Al-Shabab and Islamic State.


FILE – Some of extremists suspects linked to Alshabab and ISIS arrested by Ethiopian Intelligence in September 2019. PHOTO: FBC


By Borkena News


Authorities in the Oromo region of Ethiopia announced last week that groups who call themselves as “Islamic State Centre” – whose ideology is inspired by the Islamic State (ISIS) have been captured.

Chinese news source, Xinhua, cited Ethiopian State Media, Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporate (EBC), to report that about dozens of extremists were arrested in a security operation in the Bale Zone of Oromo regional state.

Jeilan Aman, Chief Police Commissioner of Bale Zone, is cited as saying that “scores of machetes and rifles were confiscated from the suspects who are members of a self-styled “Islamic State Center” extremist group.”

The group espoused Islamic State ideologies, and authorities said that “Islamic State Center” has “connections with another extremist group, Al-Shabab which is based in neighboring Somalia.”

According to the police commissioner cited above, the extremists received military training in their hideouts in the region including in caves.

The group was reportedly planning a terror attack in an unspecified location in the country when they were caught.

It is to be recalled that Ethiopia’s National Intelligence in the past two years made several arrested of terrorist groups with links to ISIS and Al-Shabab.

Borkena English News | Published: January 31, 2021

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