Oromia Vows To Take Actions Against OLF-Shene Group After Killing Of Civilians In West Wolega Zone


November 02, 2020


By Fana Broadcasting Corporate


Addis Ababa – In a statement issued today, Oromia Regional State vowed to take actions against Oromo Liberation Front- Shene group (OLF-Shene) after killing of peaceful civilians in Guliso Wereda, West Wolega Zone.

The Oromia Regional State admitted the killing of peaceful civilians in Guliso Wereda, Gawwa Qanqa kebele yesterday and blamed rebel group of OLF Shene.

The statement said the civilians were massacred “in one place” in west Wollega zone of Oromia regional state and blamed Tigray People’s Leberation Front (TPLF) as conspiring with OLF Shene rebel group.

According to the statement forces who stand contrary to the reform have continued to bring disasters to civilians despite government’s focus on development activities demanded by the people.

Statement indicated that OLF Shene and TPLF are working in solidarity to assail peace and security in the country, adding that they have orchestrated terrors and disseminated terros agenda through media and killed secutity forces, civil servants and various segments of communities with help of illegally imported firearms.

Oromia Regional State has been undertaking various activities involving active participation of the community to ensure peace in the region, the statement underlined.

The regional government vowed to hunt the OLF Shene rebel group jointly with security forces and take action accordingly.

Oromia Regional State also expressed condolences to families of the victims.


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