To Love a Somali Woman

by Yasminah Mohamed
Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Oh brother,
I beg you to listen with an open heart, and take note.

She will not ask for love; her pride will demand the words to shape into action, so cheap words may not lay on your lips —prepared and organized.

You must not shy away to hold her hand firmly. And she will not be scared to hold your heart sacred.

You must not under estimate her power, her value, her existence;
Because, she carries the worth of a queen, the strength of a king, the wisdom of a world yet to be found, by your kind. Mankind.

She is not like any other woman. Treat her with care; tender kisses, gentle strokes of appreciation, for her likes gave birth to warriors, heroes, and poets.

Beauty stems from her roots, brother. Strong cheekbones elucidates her pride, as her long neck lifts her head up high. Her eyes, her tongue, her posture are what poets and painters try to define in their exquisite arts.

She is a rare form of humanity, to be discovered and explored; cherished and applaud.

Oh brother, leave your pride.
She stands from a longline of Cushitic women, brown and brave. So loving her will feel like an accomplishment, and only then will you master the art of loving.

Yasminah Mohamed
Instagram: Africanchild_x
Twitter: YuniqSoul

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