Ethiopian Community Members in Uganda Keen to Return Home, Invest

June 09, 2018


Addis Ababa (ENA) – Members of the Ethiopian community residing in Uganda have expressed strong desire to return home and invest in various sectors.

The Ethiopian community in Kampala held discussion with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who is on official visit in Uganda, yesterday.

The Premier earlier conferred with President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda on bilateral, continental and global issues.

The leaders agreed to consolidate economic cooperation and exchanged ideas about Ethiopians living and working in Uganda.

Later in the evening, Prime Minister Abiy held discussion with the Ethiopian community about the current situation in the country.

The community members said recent developments in Ethiopia have ignited their hope in their aspirations to invest in the country.

Yohannes Berhe, who has lived in Uganda for 27 years, said he has been following events in his country and has come to know that positive and promising changes are unfolding in the country.

Yohaness added that he wants to go come back home and invest in the country, taking into consideration the call of the PM for Ethiopians living abroad and foreigners of Ethiopian origin to make use of the investment opportunities in the country.

He suggested the annulment of obstructive laws and complex bureaucratic red tape that hinder the expansion of businesses.

Seble Gebru, an Ethiopian lady who lived in Uganda for a long time, said Ethiopians living abroad and foreigners of Ethiopian origin in Uganda should go back home and participate in the reform that is taking place in the country.

She added that it would be good to remove the bureaucratic hurdles ahead so that Ethiopians living abroad and foreigners of Ethiopian origin do not lose hope and scrap the new businesses they establish in the country.

“We would change the country if steps are taken to minimize unnecessary bureaucratic and operational hindrances,” she stressed.

The other Ethiopian businessman living in Kampala, Berhanu Gemetchu said “there are promising changes in the country, but these need to be realized by implementing rules and regulations.”

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