Abiriga to be laid to rest on Monday

June 09, 2018


By Robert Ariaka


Arua Municipality Member of Parliament, Ibrahim Abiriga, the late will be buried on Monday in his ancestral home in Madi, Arua.

PIC: Abiriga’s car being towed away




ARUA – Preparations are ongoing at the home of Late Ibrahim Abiriga.

The Arua Municipality Member of Parliament was shot dead on Friday evening while heading home in Kawanda.

Chaired by Genesis Acema, the LCV VICE Chairman Arua, a committee has been formed and burial will be on Monday at his ancestral home in Rhino-camp in lower Madi, Arua.

Acema while reading the programme to mourners said the body will be taken to Muslim supreme council Kampala and later to parliament before it is flown to Kololo where his brothers’ body the bodyguard will be picked.

Thereafter, the body will be flown to Arua on Sunday at 2pm. Arua municipality voters will pay their last respect on Sunday before the body is taken to Rhino-camp for burial.

Parliament has budget for 1500 people ahead of the burial arrangements.

– The News Vision

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