Saud-led Arab Coalition from Aden: We seek to preserve the entity of Yemen

Arab News | Published – February 01, 2018


Soldiers from the United Arab Emirates walka past a military vehicle at the airport of Yemen’s southern port city of Aden. UAE armed forces said in a statement that a fighter jet taking part in the coalition in Yemen is missing. (Reuters)


LONDON: The Saudi-led Arab Coalition said on Thursday that the UAE and Saudi Arabia share one goal in preserving the entity of Yemen.

Speaking from the port-city of Aden, representatives from the high-ranking military delegation from Saudi Arabia and the UAE called for a ceasefire between the warring sides.

The Arab Coalition said that the Yemeni parties in Aden back the statement of the coalition and call for calm back the city.

“We seek to avoid chaos and ensure the security and stability of Yemen,” the Coalition said, explain that Saudi Arabia’s and the UAE’s shared goal is to resolve the differences of the parties.

Clashes broke out in Aden between fighters from the armed wing of a political movement demanding secession for southern Yemen and the Yemeni Army backed by the Arab Coalition last week.

On Tuesday separatists forces surrounded the presidential palace, where Prime Minister Ahmed bin Daghr, and a number of senior government figures were holed up in the palace and were preparing to flee to Saudi Arabia and join President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi, who already resides in Riyadh, officials said.

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