Over 12,789 Migrants Repatriated from Libya

January 27, 2018


Addis Ababa – More than 12,789 migrants who were illegally residing in Libya have been repatriated to their countries of origin, according to AU Commission for Social Affairs.

The Commissioner Amira Elfadil Mohammed said that the AU in collaboration with partners has been exerting maximum effort to fully repatriate migrants to their home countries.

The continental body has been collaborating with IOM, the European Union and UNHCR in the process of repatriating migrants.

She said that a tripartite partnership mechanism that has three levels was established to support the repatriation process.

Through this partnership, the European Union has funded one million Euros for the initiative so as to repatriate the illegal migrants.

“Till the day before yesterday the number we have is to those we have repatriated to their countries of origin is 12,789. This number is changing every day because the process is continuing”, she said.

She also mentioned that the Union is working with home countries to tackle economic and psychological problems that may occur on the returnees after they repatriated to their homeland.

Even though repatriating immigrants to their home countries will continue, the Commissioner noted that the ultimate solution is in the hands of the countries.

She emphasized that collective responsibility is needed from all the nations to stop the practice by addressing the root causes of illegal migration, she added

According to data, more than 700,000 migrants are living in Libya.

– ENA (Published Date: 26 January, 2018)

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