President Behi Discusses Bilateral Relations with Prime Minister Dessalegn

Som Tribune | Published: January 17, 2018


His Excellency Musa Behi Abdi, President of the Republic of Somaliland, embarked on a three-day visit to neighboring Ethiopia, on his second foreign visit since he was inaugurated as head of state on December 13, 2017, following a win of the presidential election of November 14 a month earlier.

The President was warmly welcomed at Bole Airport by Ethiopia Foreign Minister, Workneh Gebeyehu, and a covey of high officials accompanying him among whom was the Minister Transport, Ato Ahmed Shire.

President Behi was accorded another state reception at the State House where he held preliminary talks with Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn.

At both occasions, the two sides re-asserted the deep-rooted relations between the Republic of Somaliland and Federal Ethiopia, and how the two friends wished these relations reinforced and developed to new heights.

The talks, as voiced by President Behi and his hosts, centered, specifically, on accelerating development and construction work on the Berbera Corridor, the mutual combat of all security threats to the region, high seas piracy, and other matters pertaining to further harnessing of resources instrumental in bilateral economic and political relations.

“We believe that Ethiopia security is security for Somaliland, and Somaliland security, similarly, is that of Ethiopia,” PM Dessalegn said.

“We started to discuss, develop Berbera Corridor together with Somaliland, with our partners so that we benefit from this development in a win-win manner,” he added.

The Berbera Corridor road will link the important Red Sea port of Berbera to Ethiopia via the Wajale commercial hub. Ethiopia has a 16-percent stake on Berbera port’s planned re-alignment and development under the management of DP World granting the land-locked African giant a vital inlet for crucial imports.

The current regional, political and economic ramifications are in favor of an implementation of a fresh deck of priorities that are of real, convertible value to both sides, especially the Republic of Somaliland, if dealt properly.

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