Merkel sees no reason to resign; focused on building stable government


November 21, 2017


German Chancellor Angela Merkel arrives to speak after exploratory talks on forming a new government broke down on Nov 19, 2017 in Berlin.PHOTO: AFP


BERLIN (Reuters) – German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday (Nov 20) said she saw no reason to resign after the collapse of talks about a three-way coalition government, adding her conservative bloc would enter any new elections more unified than before.

Merkel told German broadcaster ZDF she was ready to serve four more years as chancellor, and felt it was important to send a signal of stability for the country and Europe and the world.

Asked about the possibility of another “grand coalition”with the Social Democrats, Merkel said she would wait to see the party’s response after their talks with President Frank-Walter Steinmeier on Wednesday (Nov 22). But she said any demand for her to step down would not be a good way to start a new coalition.

She said she was disappointed by the decision of the pro-business Free Democrats to pull out of the coalition talks, but did not expect the party to reverse course.

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