Female students to get driving lessons in colleges


October 17, 2017


Saudi Gazette report



RIYADH — The Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC) will organize driving lessons for female students in various colleges in the Kingdom, according to female supervisor of girl education at TVTC Amal Al-Sahli.

“Allowing women to drive will further promote their role in public life and enhance their participation in the labor market,” she said.

Amal said TVTC is making necessary preparations to start driving lessons and educate girl students about important car parts. “Girl students will be taught emergency car repairs to avoid breakdown on the streets,” she said.

She said the trainees will also be taught traffic laws and regulations. They will also be given an orientation course on traffic signs.

She said the corporation will provide 3,000 car parking spaces for trainees and instructors.

There are 19 TVTC colleges for women in the Kingdom being managed by a number of international colleges from the United States, Canada, Britain and New Zealand. There are now more than 15,000 female students in these colleges studying various specialties that will qualify them for the labor market.

Last month a Royal decree was issued allowing women to drive. A committee has been formed to implement the ruling and it will present recommendations within 30 days. Then the government will have until June 24, 2018, to implement the decree.

Allowing women to drive will not only save money but also simplify the lives of working Saudi women who currently rely on either their male relatives or private hires transportation to get them to and from work.

With a female population of 14.8 million, experts see a market for driving schools for women.

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