Muslim World League, Vatican to set up permanent liaison body

Mohammed Al-Sulami | Published — Tuesday 26 September 2017


Pope Francis meets Muhammad al-Issa, Secretary General of the Muslim World League, at the Vatican, Wednesday, on Sep. 20, 2017. (L’osservatore Romano/ Pool Photo via AFP)


JEDDAH: Following his meeting with Pope Francis in Vatican City, Muslim World League (MWL) Secretary-General Mohammed Al-Issa met with the head of the Pontifical Council of the Vatican, Cardinal Jean-Laurent Tauran.

The latter meeting was held in the presence of the secretary of the Council of Archbishops, Miguel Isosu, and Archbishop Khalid Akasha.

The meeting established a permanent liaison committee between the Vatican, represented by the Pontifical Council, and the MWL, to discuss various initiatives.

Tauran welcomed Al-Issa and his accompanying delegation, and said the meeting with the pope opened a new chapter of friendship and cooperation between the Vatican and the Islamic world in the face of global challenges and risks.

Al-Issa thanked the Vatican and Tauran, and expressed appreciation for the work undertaken by the Pontifical Council, which he said enhances coexistence and cooperation.

The MWL chief lauded the historic meeting with the pope, and his rejection of claims that Islam is linked to extremism and terrorism. Al-Issa said no religion espouses extremism, but none is free from extremist elements.

He said the MWL has communicated and cooperated with the Vatican via the Pontifical Council in all areas to achieve common goals, notably the spread of peace and harmony.

The MWL delegation visited the headquarters of the Community of Sant’Egidio, an international Catholic organization based in Rome.

The president and secretary of the dialogue committee briefed Al-Issa on the humanitarian work carried out by the organization inside and outside Italy.

The president expressed pleasure over the MWL’s historic visit, which he said carries a new vision of peace and coexistence.

He said the Community of Sant’Egidio looks forward to opening new horizons with the East in religious and cultural spheres.

Al-Issa said the MWL is fully prepared to cooperate with the organization in all areas that serve cultural communication. In this context, he called for more cooperation between the two organizations.

Source: Arab News

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