German police break up ‘far-right terror cell’

The Telegraph | 28 AUGUST 2017


By Justin Huggler, Berlin


Police in Germany carried out raids on Monday against a suspected far-Right terror cell believed to be planning attacks on left-wing politicians.

One of two suspects targetted in the raids was identified by prosecutors as a serving police officer. He and another man are suspected of hoarding ammunition and drawing up a list of high-profile targets for assassination.

A government spokesman said the suspected plot was in the early stages of planning and there was no imminent risk of an attack.

Police special forces raided several addresses in the north-eastern cities of Rostock and Schwerin in the early hours of on Monday morning.

The suspects have not been arrested.

One was identified as a serving police officer in the small town of Ludwigslust, south of Schwerin. He is facing disciplinary action, according to local government officials.

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