Demands on Qatar not negotiable, says Al-Jubeir

Thursday 29 June, 2017

                                                Adel Al-Jubeir


JEDDAH — Saudi Arabia said on Tuesday a list of demands made by the Kingdom and other Arab states for Qatar to stop supporting terrorism was not negotiable.

Demands on Qatar not negotiable, says Al-JubeirSaudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir told journalists in Washington that it was in Qatar’s hand to stop financing terror and inciting extremism across the region.

The foreign minister also said there were currently no negotiations with Qatar over the demands.

Jubeir’s statements came less than a week before a deadline for Qatar to comply with the 13-point list of demands from the Kingdom and several Arab countries expires.

The list of demands included shutting down Al-Jazeera television, cutting diplomatic ties with Iran, immediately halting the work on a Turkish military base in Qatar and ending any military cooperation with the NATO member.

Qatar must also refuse to further naturalize citizens from the four countries especially Bahrain and expel those currently in Doha, in what the countries describe as an effort to keep Qatar from meddling in their internal.

– Saudi Gazette

Date Published: Wed 28 June, 2017

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