UN counter-terrorism strategy must adapt to “growing threat”: Feltman

By UN Multi Media

13 April 2017

Jeffrey Feltman. UN File Photo/Loey Felipe


The UN needs to strengthen the “coordination and coherence” of its counter-terrorism approach in order to deal with a changing and “growing threat” on the ground.

That’s according to the UN Political Affairs chief, Jeffrey Feltman, briefing the General Assembly on the main elements of the Secretary-General’s report on strengthening the world body’s response to terrorism.

Matthew Wells has more.

Mr Feltman said there were several key reasons why UN chief António Guterres believed that reform of the UN’s whole counter-terrorism “architecture” was so important.

Presenting the report on strengthening the capability of the UN system to assist Member States in implementing the “UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy” he said terrorism had become “more transnational, more dynamic and more multi-dimensional,” with terrorists increasingly operating across borders.

The Secretary-General is proposing a new Counter-Terrorism Office, which Mr Feltman said would provide important new leadership for combatting a complex and evolving threat.

“The Secretary-General considers that enhancing the UN leadership on counter-terrorism, strengthening coordination and coherence on the delivery of UN assistance to Member States, and increasing our impact on the ground, is absolutely essential.”

Mr Feltman added that effectively helping Member States to fight terror was a “priority-task” for the UN.

The Under-Secretary-General told the Informal Meeting that the UN chief hoped the restructuring plan for UN counter-terrorism, would receive approval, in order to “show resolve and unity of purpose of the international community against terrorism”.

Matthew Wells, United Nations

Date Published: 12 April 2017

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