The Somali Hero Of The Day – Aden Abdullah Osman FIRST PRESIDENT OF SOMALIA

Wednesday, Febuary 22, 2017


The Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica

Aden Abdullah Osman, (born 1908, Belet Weyne, Italian Somaliland [now in Somalia]—died June 8, 2007, Nairobi, Kenya), Somali politician who served as independent Somalia’s first president and was the first postcolonial African head of state to voluntarily step down after losing an election. Osman was president of the nationalist Somali Youth League (1954–56 and 1958–60) and of the Legislative Assembly (later the Constituent Assembly) of the Italian-administered UN trust territory of Somalia (1958–60). After Italian Somaliland joined with the former British-administered territory to form the independent Somali Republic on July 1, 1960, the National Assembly chose Osman as provisional president. In the country’s … (100 of 170 words)

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