Kurds demonstrate in the city

kurdendemo-bonnBONN. Kurdish protestors made their way through Bonn’s inner city today, carrying banners and flags. The march was peaceful, with demonstrators calling for a “democratic line” to be established.

Around 70 pro-Kurdish demonstrators marched through the inner city of Bonn on Saturday. Following the march, they gathered at Bertha-von-Suttner-Platz in front of the regional representation of the European Commission.

They were protesting against Germany providing weapons and funds in support of Turkish President Erdogan. It was also a response to the arrest of leading party members of the Kurdish HDP on Friday. Yannis Korte, organizer of the demonstration, criticized Chancellor Merkel’s work with the Turkish president on the refugee agreement.

“So far I have not seen Merkel react to the massacre in Kurdistan,” he said. The protesters demanded a stop to arms supplies and financial support to Erdogan, and a “democratic line” to prevent a “fascism” from taking hold. According to police, the demonstrators were peaceful, and there were only minor traffic delays. Orig. text: Rebecca Deus – General Anzeiger English

Date Published: Saturday November 5 2016

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