Bristol ‘race attack’ boy’s neighbours raise more than £400 for day trip

685The Guardian

Sunday 18 September 2016

Awais Ali, 10, suffered injuries to head, ribs, leg and arms after alleged attack by two older boys in Fishponds area of city

Neighbours of a 10-year-old boy who was injured in an alleged racist attack on a Bristol street have raised more than £400 to send him on a day trip.

Awais Ali was walking to a friend’s house to play video games when two older boys allegedly called him “Paki” and demanded he hand over his phone and money.

He did not have any cash and the boys allegedly dragged him to a disused building in the Fishponds area where they hit him with a stick and with a rubber or plastic pipe.

Ali sustained injuries to his head, ribs, shoulder blades, his left leg and arms and had a trainer mark imprinted on his back from where the boys allegedly stood on him.

His mother, Anisa Iqbal, 33, whose family moved from Pakistan 50 years ago, was so shocked and upset that she allowed images of the boy’s injuries to be released.

A neighbour, Caryl Rundle, set up a Justgiving page to give Awais a day out, explaining that she wanted to show the family that their neighbourhood was behind them. She said: “What is important is that the community stands together to say no to racism and to support those who are affected by it.”

Rundle said she had been overwhelmed by the response to the fundraising campaign. They exceeded their goal of £200 four hours after setting up the page and are in discussions with the family about how best to donate the excess.

“I was, like many others, very shocked to hear of this attack. The fact all involved are so young is even more concerning. Fishponds, where I’ve lived for the last 19 years, is a vibrant and multicultural area,” she said.

Police have questioned two boys, aged 11 and 12, and the case has been referred to the youth justice panel for consideration.

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